The most EMPOWERING gift you’ll ever give to yourself and your framily!

Shift YOUR limiting BELIEFS
Start living the life of YOUR DREAMS!

Host A Workshop IN YOUR OWN HOME
= $158
per participant

Chance Early, stuntman, Los Angeles, CA

“This Workshop was such a great experience and now I use these tools on a daily basis. I really appreciate the lessons and the overall message of Infinite Possibilities, and now I feel like I have nothing in my way.” — Chance Elliott Early

Kandi Corrigan, store manager, San Diego, CA

“This workshop has changed the way I think (it’s still a work in progress). I am now allowing myself to achieve the goals I ahve for my life (non-material and material). I highly recommend it to everyone.” — Kandi Corrigan

Already hosted a Workshop? Host again and receive ONE FREE 1:1 Private Coaching Session — fully focused on the areas of your life YOU WANT TO WORK ON — for EACH paid participant you invite to your home-hosted Workshop – even their guests!

Each Workshop includes:

  • Insights & empowerment you can use right away and build on throughout the course of the Workshop
  • A new perspective that will improve how you experience your life!
  • Infinite Possibilities tools for improving your life including: an IP starter packet, gifts & worksheets
  • Smile-inducing games & activities to help you understand and implement those tools
  • Giveaways
  • A Certificate of Completion

STUDENTS* = $98 per student participant

Three easy in-home Workshop options to choose from:

  1. OPTION 1:
    1-Week Workshop = four 2.5 hour sessions 4 days or evenings within ONE week (Mon-Sun)
  2. OPTION 2:
    2-Week Workshop = four 2.5 hour sessions 2 days or evenings over TWO weeks
  3. OPTION 3:
    4-Week Workshop = four 2.5 hour sessions 1 day or evening over FOUR weeks
Phoebe Hewson, interior designer, San Diego, CA

“Before the workshop, I had so many questions about how my life was going to turn out, why certain things were happening while other I really wanted were not. Through the course of this workshop, I discovered just how powerful I am and just how much my thoughts and actions determine my life. Now, as I hold my certificate of completion, I am overwhelmed with such excitement for my journey ahead. Thanks to this workshop, and Gabrielle’s guidance, I have the tools and knowledge to write my own story, the way I want it to play out.” — Phoebe Hewson

Brandi Hartsfield, interior designer, San Diego, CA

“Throughout the four-week workshop, I was able to learn so many things within myself I would have never guessed. I was able to learn that to be truly happy with life, I need to be truly happy with myself and love myself. Gabrielle has given me so many tools to cope with everyday situations that only take minutes to achieve. I highly recommend takign this workshop with a few friends or family members. You will definitely walk away with a refreshed view on life.” — Brandi Hartsfield

Most HOSTED WORKSHOPS are held inside someone’s home. Should you wish to Host a Workshop at a different venue (clubhouse or corporate on-site event, for example) these can be easily accommodated. Some space/logistic requirements may exist. Contact me to learn more.

*Students pay only $98 for Workshop when you present a valid and current high school or college student ID.

Note: Each Workshop session builds on insights and tools covered the previous session, so it is important to be on time and attend from start finish

I accept cash, check or credit card via Square. Payment in full is due at the 1st session of the Workshop you choose.

Not in California? While I’m happy to travel, I am also happy to help you find an IP Certified Trainer in your area. Contact me.