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About Me

Having been raised with nothing by parents who were financially struggling, having lost my biological mother at 14, and burning a series of bridges as a troubled child. I still had a solid support network of people that saw potential in me. These people challenged me to grow myself and seriously consider who I wanted to be when I was older. I made it my mission to become the most powerful version of myself physically, spiritually, financially and mentally.
At 19 years old and finding my way in changing times, I started to research different high-value skills for our increasingly automated economy. I got into writing after I discovered the earning potential. Writing has always been a skill that comes easy to me, and I enjoy the creative side of it. Finding new and innovative ways to provide fresh, in-depth material and being able to capitalize on that was my way out of the traditional career path and allows me to take ownership of my schedule.

About Me: About Me
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